‚ÄčArthritis and Pain

I can't say enough good things about the product.  I have an older little over weight springer Stephanie,  who started showing signs of back and pain and kept waking us up to help her into bed at night.  I went to search for a natural product and found out about your Aloe 4 Pet at our convinced that it would helplocal feed store.  I purchased a bottle, not really convinced it would help, but was willing to try something natural.  To my surprise and much joy, within 3 days we noticed great improvement.  Now we can all get a good night sleep again and are one great big happy family!

My dog Jack had a hot spot on his leg for over 3 years, it would go away and them come back.  I tried everything of the market and nothing worked.  Not only that, he had surgery on his hips at a very young age and has arthritis.  I met you a the Red Barn when I first moved to FL and you told me about this product and because I love the fact it was all natural and know how good Aloe is for skin conditions, I thought I would try it.  OMG, the hot spot was gone within 3 days!!  Not only did it stay away he hasn't touched the spot since.  Then I saw him bouncing around the house like he was a puppy, smiling and feeling great.  I tell everyone about your product and thank you so much!!

Fleas and Ticks

Hi Ted,

Thank you for introducing me to the Aloe 4 Pets. To say we are grateful is an understatement.  We live in an area that is infected with ticks and whenever our dog goes into the woods, it would take hours to pull the ticks off.  We would sometimes find enough to fill half a jar.  It has been over 2 years since we started feeding our pet your product and there has not been a tick on our dog ever since.  Just recently we had a friend from Toronto visit us, their dog and ours meandered outside for an hour or so and when the dogs returned, their pet was loaded with ticks and ours had not one!  You were so right when you told us that this keeps the ticks away!

Hi Ted,
The first time I met you in Port Colborne 4 years ago, I purchased the juice for my dogs. I met yo again at Broadway Gardens you gave me a copy of your book and I purchase 2 bottles of Aloe 4 Pets.  I read your book at least 3 times. and decided I'd try drinking it along with my dog Maggie.  I've been taking it since last Friday 2 times a day and it's been only 5 days and I am in love with the stuff.  It's a miriacle when it comes to my menopausal and monthly dealing.  Within 3 days I noticed a difference.  Now that 5 days have gone by I just can't believe my energy level.  I am reluctant to give Maggie her 2 capfuls in fear of running out too soon.  She waits patiently for her drinks so I do share with her.  The itching has pretty much diminished and she loves to have it rubbed on her itchy spots.  Thank you for giving me your book, it really opened my yes to some things.