University of Miami study

Dietary supplement with Aloe Vera Improves Cognitive Functioning in Alzheimer’s Patients

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Ted's Aloe Vera & Cactus Juice Products are a unique combination of organic Aloe Vera juice, Nopal Cactus juice, and Flax Seed that have been found to bring health and rejuvenation to people and pets alike. Ted has worked with passion to make the benefits of this combination of aloe vera plant, nopal cactus and flaxseed in easy to consume and use products. Using the beverage, creams, pet food supplement or a combination of products you and your pet can now enjoy a more healthy and rejuvenated life. In the last number of years, I have spent numerous hours reading over studies, medical journals, and nutritional books. What really caught my attention was the Aloe Vera plant, I had no idea it could be used as a vegetable or as a beverage. 
Through the learning process, I found that the plant nourishes the body with many amino acids and enzymes that help extract the nutrients from the food we eat into the proper cells of the body. It's truly an amazing plant!


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