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September & October 2014 Edition

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Aloe 4 Pets

Our product is designed to be used as a daily food supplement and can also be used as a topical gel to be rubbed onto the hot spots.  The ingredients that are used in our product include organically grown Aloe Vera juice, Nopal cactus juice, and flax seed extract. This combination provides an abundant amount of natural, digestible vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and essential enzymes.

This product is intended to be used topically and internally as food. For the hotspots, rub some of the product onto the affected area. This should provide temporary relief. The healing takes place by ingesting the product.

Aloe4Pets is made with organic aloe-vera juice, organic cactus juice and flaxseed extract.

The product is human grade and is processed in F.D.A approved facilities in close proximity to the fields in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas.

I encourage the pet's owner to also enjoy a tablespoon of this drink along with the pet every day. By drinking aloe, cactus juices and the flax seed extract, the same benefits can be enjoyed by us humans. This combination works together to synchronized the health benefits.