Ted's Aloe Vera was envisioned and founded by Ted Kassey.

Recently, He has made the decision to retire from the business and move back to Canada to be with His daughter and granddaughter. He has passed on his knowledge and expertise to a family that share his passion for helping people. Of course no one can replace dear Ted, but it is our hope that we can continue to carry on his vision that He so well strived after. This is a just a preview of who He is and how this family/company came to be.

"Hello! I would like to introduce myself, my name is Ted Kassay, and I was born and raised in the Niagara region of Ontario Canada . It was not until the later years of my life that I realized the importance of eating wholesome foods and the healing properties that are available in so many of the foods that we consume.  In the last number of years I have spent numerous hours pouring over studies, medical journals, and nutritional books. What really caught my attention was the Aloe Vera plant, I had no idea it could be used as a vegetable or as a beverage. Through the learning process, I found that the plant nourishes the body with many essential minerals, amino acids and enzymes that help extract the nutrients from the food we eat into the proper cells of the body. It is truly an amazing plant!

I developed a new crème, with Aloe Vera as the base that had amazing results on the skin. The testimonials I received from customers were incredible! Learning how they were being helped health wise kept me motivated. Some changes were profound, others mild. For quite a few, the wrinkles were gone. They all noticed a firmer skin, and for many the Age Spots had faded. Some noticed results in a matter of days, others it took a few weeks. As the success stories poured in over the aloe crème my attention was drawn to pets. They often experience the same skin issues as we do.

I formulated Aloe4Pets based upon a 'vision' I had years ago. The 'vision' showed rows, as far as the eye could see of Aloe Vera, Cactus and Flax Seed in a poultry barn. I took the vision as a message that this combination would be useful as a supplement for animals. The formula proved to be just short of a miracle for many of the health issues for our pets. It stills boggles my mind that these simple ingredients can be so beneficial to pets and humans alike. It is gratifying to see the benefits that have been exemplified in the men and women using Aloe crème as well as within the pets using Aloe4Pets. There is no greater satisfaction than knowing that our products have improved the health and lives of others."